Seed supplier to professionals: from production to distribution

SEM PLUS offers high-quality seeds to professionals, including purchasing centers, wholesalers, exporters, and producers. Whether in France or across Europe, we bring our expertise and professionalism to serve you. We provide impeccable service tailored to your needs.
Our operation produces seed garlic, which we carefully package and ship. It is SOC certified, a mandatory and necessary guarantee of compliance and traceability.
We also purchase, repackage, and sell seed onions and shallots of various sizes and varieties, including Griselle shallots, round, semi-long, and long (from France); round shallots (from Holland); and bulbils of red, white, yellow, and oval onions (from Holland).
We guarantee: high quality, a wide variety of choices, a supply tailored to your demands, and season-long pricing.

Certificationn ail


Garlic and shallots packaged in 20 kg bags (excluding RED SUN, in 25 kg).

Onions packaged in 25 kg bags.

Other packaging sizes, such as 10 kg, are available on request.

We also offer a “small packaging” service for your customers (terms and conditions and quotes on request).

National and international shipping.

We operate in a 4,500 m² facility.


Our products are shipped on pallets, securely fastened with corner protectors and wrapped in film.

While our primary distribution is within France, we also serve customers across Europe.

SEM PLUS prioritizes customer satisfaction, and we remain responsive and available at every stage of our business relationship.